Sunday, December 9, 2012

PSA Reflection

PSA Reflection
The PSA was a largely pointless assignment. I’m not certain what much of the point of writing the papers in this style has been, but for the most part the actual writing involved has felt worthwhile. When it came to the PSA, it was undeniably a waste of time. The point of such a thing is to give out a small piece of practical information, and since that is easy enough to accomplish the PSA itself works. But no matter what information that we could have put in there, nobody cares. Nobody, I made the thing and I don’t.
Whatever we did, it was irrelevant. Nobody who will witness it will be going to be in situations that it would be helpful in. Even if they did, the lack of professionalism, which merely reflects our limited resources, would drive them to other more apparently more reliable sources. Good for them. The one exception, that I saw, was one done about Iran’s nuclear program. But the only reason for that is because in applying it, you would have to do more research. The best PSA, was not a good PSA.
Not that I expect anyone to take anything away from the other work done in the class, but it was purposeful. Writing is a skill, and in just about any field a useful one. Not that less practical academic work can’t be worthwhile and enriching, but this was not.

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