Monday, December 10, 2012

Course Reflection

            Ultimately I like the way things came together. There were problems getting to that point, I was confused about what I was supposed to do with all of this. And I’m still not certain if I’ve met the course requirements. Having written normal academic papers for 12 years and being asked to integrate multimedia elements wasn’t challenging for its difficulty, as much as for its foreignness.
            I suppose if more carefully implemented I could have made some great addition to the character of the writing, but in my case they’re more like speed bumps. I only came up with what I put together very recently and out of desperation and while I like the overall effect I wish I’d made the time originally to implement them better.
            The community topic was not something that I was very excited about in the begging. Nevertheless I was planning on going as in depth as possible. In many cases since I was focusing on religion I ran into frustrating “sources”.  I was looking through several books that all weren’t concerned with objectivity and just giving a chance for those who already believe such things to feel good about it. Later when I was looking into the political influence of the United States I kept coming across things that I hadn’t heard anything about. I took American History last year and I never knew about what we had been doing over there. I can only imagine the situation in other parts of the world. But the longer that I live the more frustrated I have become with deliberate lying, and poorly informed opinions. My papers here wouldn’t fall under that first category, but unfortunately they would the second.
            Not entirely my fault, but nonetheless I can’t help but hate my own writing for being inferior. It’s an odd thing that I won’t ever have to take another English class if I choose not to. For the first time subjects I study are going to be under my personal control.  I’m still not certain whether or not I’ll ever be required to write something like this again. While I may not have demonstrated it to great lengths through these, I’m not a terrible writer. At least after about 400 or 500 revisions my work is passable. It’s something that I enjoy a lot, but I don’t think I want to do any more of the work like that which  school has required thus far.  I’d like to find something that interests me and maybe write a decent book about it. Which of course will probably never happen, but I at least like the idea of writing something that one day in the future I’ll be able to appreciate as worth reading.
            It’s difficult to say if I’ve learned anything specific from this. I’ve enjoyed the actual writing part, but the research was uniformly annoying.  I think I’ll have to be selective when picking a topic for any future work. Something else that I learned was that  I don’t know any grammar, at all. That’s a class that might be worth taking. Since maybe I would be able to write with something resembling structure.
            What I’ve taken out of this class is that writing can be enjoyable and worth doing even though it’s frequently a pain. The world could use more good writing. I probably knew all that before, it’s just a revitalization of that general feeling. And I think it might have given me a final shove to do more with my free time.

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